Interactive Art


Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Artist Groups:
MID (ES): Alex Posada (ES)
Playmodes (ES): Eloi Maduell (ES), Santi Vilanova (ES)


Cyberarts 2013 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2013

Blaus introduces us into the abstract realm of three-dimensional geometry in time. It can be a cube or a blossoming flower, a grid or a jellyfish; it is a mutant entity of reflecting lights which submerge the audience in a symbolic universe driven by hidden forces of the architecture. Blaus is an immersive space where light and sound relate intimately to impact on the visitor. Movement of light, sound and laser beams generates a kinetic atmosphere that transforms the architecture into the main character of a geometric play.

Blaus is a site-specific installation. The whole visual and sound creation is proposed by the architecture of the site where it is held. Through the use of self-made technologies, both hardware and software, Blaus re-draws the space by creating dynamic light figures which emerge from the architectural characteristics. The mix of DIY motorized laser beams and mirrors at key points of the room allows for multiple dynamic combinations of three-dimensional forms. The formal dramatism introduced by the RGB light design also helps to reinforce the concepts behind each mutation. 

At the same time, architecture itself is used as a musical source, since the study of the room acoustics and its resonance frequency makes it possible to use the space as a giant musical instrument. Anchoring on this resonance frequency and its harmonics, a sound composition is generated that matches and reinforces the architecture in the same way that the laser does, allowing the space to speak. 

Light and sound are always related in time, frequency and perceptive domains, as several self-made software algorithms link light, sound and movement in an intricate manner. 

Construction: B. Duchesne, Pense (ES)

Scoring Software: James George (US)

Thanks to: VAD Festival,, FabLab Barcelona, Metrópolis, MindTheVideo, Hypernoika