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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Kyberia's MySQL database core and associated PHP scripts envelopping it were developped mostly by Daniel D. Hromada (DDH) during the period 2000-2006. Big source of inspiration of help in initial phases of the project was id "ergond" who died in the car accident before whe could see his dream of fractal community system became reality. In this first half of Kyberia's existence, Daniel was assisted by ids kybu, johny, stab, miloo, pajkus, maniax, marin, jay or dark aural in activities related to development and administration of the slovak domain. Currently, kyberia's development is splitted into two principal "forks". All development of a more experimental is immediately reflected to publicly available Kyberia-bloodline repository on github. Masters of admin&development guilds are id niekt0 and id harvie. Development of much larger "slovak" fork is currently executed mainly by id freezy to whom (among others) DDH oficially transferred the relay in July 2006. Slovak kyberia's development mainly takes place on SVN sandbox from which new features, after being debugged, are transferred&activated on main servers. Thus, the active source code of is not publicly available. It is not, however, fundamentally different from publicly available code of - both systems differ mostly in their level of security. Freezy, as a current master of guild of development, is assisted in development by ids drakh, dark matter, ziman mirex and daan. Great deal of experimental work was also done by id "Thunder Perfect Mind" who attempted to base future version3 of kyberia on a graph database (c.f. repository The core database and the hardware is cared for principially by ids rdvn and maniac (who is the master of the's guild of admins). With rare exceptions, DDH does not, since 2006, interfere with development of's code and prefers to overseer the overall evolution of Kyberia's Archipelago.


Cyberarts 2013 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2013

Kyberia is an independent and innovative archipelago of digital communities that emerged in 2001 on the Slovak domain Initially a website informing the Slovak public about topics that were ignored on the Slovak web at the time (e.g. trans- and post-humanist philosophies, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, entheogens). Kyberia swiftly evolved first into a threaded forum and subsequently into a fully-fledged digital community where hackers, artists and scientists were able to interact in a densely hyperlinked graph.

The current version released in 2006 focused more on internal K-economy and the politics of the community. More concretely, a Senate was created and first trials to allow the system to auto-configure by using the parallel democracy model were run. In 2007 Kyberia won the prize of distinction as a “best Slovak virtual community” in the biggest public competition ever organized on the Slovak web. In 2010 code of Kyberia’s engine was released on GitHub under AGPL and the community was expanded into Czech cyberspace, where a parallel community was launched on the domain.

In over ten years of existence, Kyberia has transformed itself from a science and hackers’ community into a more mainstream community of thousands of active users discussing myriads diverse topics in more than seven million parallel forums, blogs and/or data nodes. One of the most characteristic features that, we believe, transformed Kyberia into a social body with a collective identity is that Kyberia has a semipermeable membrane (which means that any registration application of a new user has to be approved by at least five members of the Senate), a upvoting system implemented years before Facebook’s “Like” button. Other features worth mentioning include a flexible (node-specific) system of access right attribution, an internal bookmarking and mailing system and API templates. These were innovative in the period when they were released, although today they are common in other social networks as well.

Guild of Cryptopoetz: Richard "ergond" Rabara (in memoriam). Daniel "hromi" Hromada.

Guild of Administrators: Tomas "maniac" Halgas. rdvn. bon. johny. harvie

Guild of Developers: Marek "freezy" Viger. kybu. stab. jay. dark aural. niekt0

Guild of Exchange: dark matter. potmehood. slash. pajkus. juraj. urza. wilder

Guild of Nurture: dita. dadka. dzamila. drobna. zubata. dopedoll. truce. doctoor

Guild of Chaos&Circus: Thunder Perfect Mind. miloo. zix. xado. zden. smrtak. urza

External organizations: Cyklokoalicia, Progressbar Hackerspace, Dekriminalizacia