Hybrid Art

Hidden Fields

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

David Glowacki (GB), Emma Harrie (GB), Joseph Hyde (GB), Laura Kriefman (GB), Thomas Mitchell (GB), Phil Tew (GB), Lisa May Thomas (GB)


Cyberarts 2013 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2013

Hidden Fields is the world’s first ever dance show driven by algorithms and mathematics from quantum dynamics. It is the result of a unique sci-art collaboration that has attracted significant international attention and press coverage. Fusing 3D imaging, rigorous quantum dynamics, gaming, dance and people, Hidden Fields is an augmented dance performance that shows how our energy fields interact with the otherwise invisible atomic world around us. Its fusion of rigorous science, generative soundscapes and beautiful interactive visuals has led to the development of a new choreographic language that pushes the boundaries of our relationship with precise movement, science, spatial awareness and art.

Hidden Fields uses the danceroom Spectrosopy (dS) software and hardware platform developed by David Glowacki and collaborators. dS uses rigorous physics to create sounds and images from people’s movements. Using a set of 3D cameras, people’s movements are captured and fed to a custom-built supercomputer, where a software program interprets them as energy fields. In real time, people’s energy fields (or energy “avatars”) are projected onto a giant screen. Moving fluidly within people’s energy avatars are thousands of projected particles that represent the billions of atoms that are always around us but too small for our eyes to see. As people move within the physical space, dS enables them to use their “energy fields” to interact with these atoms—catching, pushing, sharing and dancing with them.

Project lead: David Glowacki (US) Digital artist: Phil Tew (UK) Choreographer: Laura Kriefman (UK) Music tech and composition: Joseph Hyde (UK) and Thomas Mitchell (UK) Contemporary dancers: Lisa May Thomas (UK) and Emma Harrie (UK)